It is observed that rapidly growing industry and developing technology lead to an increase in work accidents and occupational diseases. This situation, arising in parallel to technological development, is generally due to a failure to take the necessary measures or to comply with the measures taken.

The rapid development of industry has made petroleum and natural gas the sources of energy that are most used and depended upon today. In addition, they are also known to contribute to the national economy and have certain political values.

Powertrans has adopted the principle of preventive health services against work accidents and occupational diseases for the health of its employees. Both our employees and our managers have taken it as their primary goal to accelerate the development of a culture of health and safety at work and environmental protection.


In this context, our company has given priority to issues such:

  • Creating safe work environments, attaching utmost importance to human health;
  • Defining in advance and systematically evaluating hazardous situations and actions in terms of Health and Safety at Work and implementing effective risk control methods;
  • Complying with the current legislation and recommendations of the countries in which we are working;
  • Reducing the negative environmental effects of our activities to a minimum;
  • Organizing planned training to develop awareness of safety at work and environmental protection and to prevent work accidents;
  • Defining hazardous situations and actions in terms of health and safety at work and the environment and implementing effective risk management; and
  • Carrying out Emergency Planning, and has adopted these issues as the “Health and Safety at Work and Environmental Protection Policy”.